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FAQ & Important Instructions

Where can I get help with my Wolffepack®?

If you need help using your Wolffepack®, check out our video advice page; there are some great videos showing how the product works along with some useful tips for users. If you can't find the answer there, contact us directly by emailing us on info@wolffepack.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are there important safety instructions?

Yes, there are some obvious points to note. Do not operate the release of the Wolffepack at a moment when you are actually in motion, say pedalling on a bike or riding a motorcycle. When releasing the pack, make sure there is nothing immediately beneath your back that the pack could drop onto. Keep your hand on the handle throughout the release operation and do not immediately let go of the handle in mid-air, allowing the handle to travel unrestrained. After releasing the pack, as it is suspended behind you, do not try to walk or travel with the bag in this position. 

Is there a recommended load limit?

Yes. We recommend not loading more than 7.5kg in the pack, which to most people will feel like an unusually heavy load. Beyond this level of load the unique Wolffepack functionality will not be as easy to use and may not function as well as at lower loads. 

Is the Wolffepack® for children?

Wolffepack is not a toy and is not a children's product. This is important to consider regarding its functionality. In addition, the size of the pack and straps, and the geometry of its operation were not designed for children.

Is the Wolffepack® backpack easy to operate?

Yes. It has been successfully tried by all sorts of people. The actions are very simple. It is as easy as the press of a button and a pull on a handle.

Are the cords strong?

Yes. The cords are made of a super-strong material called Dyneema®, used in military and mountaineering applications. The cords are able to carry a total of approx 300kg. That's more than enough to carry a typical load!

Is the Wolffepack® backpack good for all types of load?

We have this covered. We have successfully tested the Wolffepack® backpack at full loads up to the limit of typical cabin baggage allowances. A heavier backpack of any type will be heavier to carry, so a stronger pull might be required.

Is the expetoSYSTEM® lightweight?

Yes it is light. The Wolffepack® backpack is a similar weight to a well-constructed backpack. The extra components do not add noticeable extra weight. In total these extra components make up around 400g.

Is it adjustable for people of different sizes?

Yes. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable for different sizes, as a typical backpack would adjust. The front-carry position is also adjustable for different sizes. The cord lengths are fixed, but are suited to a wide range of typical size users. Future product releases may introduce varying cord lengths but these have not yet been scheduled.

When can I buy one?

Our store is open now for orders and we ship all over the world. To place your order now, click here.

Are the cords safe?

The cords remain carefully contained inside the backpack when the Wolffepack® is in passive, stealth mode. When the Wolffepack® is in active mode the cords remain very close to the user's body like a layer of clothing. It is important to bear in mind that, just like clothing (open pockets etc), brushing against other objects can lead to snagging.

Is it for both right-handers and left-handers too?

Yes, both. Although the handle is on the right hand side, operating the Wolffepack® backpack can be done with the right, left or both hands. It is a simple operation so both left, right, and both-handers should feel confident.

Are there any medical concerns I should be aware of when using the Wolffepack®?

The Wolffepack® contains a neodymium magnet which may interfere with pacemakers. If you have a pacemaker please consult your doctor before using the Wolffepack®.

My load feels heavy to raise, is there a way to make it easier?

We think we can help: if your load feels heavy to raise with one hand, we have a number of techniques and tips on how to make this easier. These are available on our video tutorial page. The Wolffepack® may contain revolutionary technology, but it is not an anti-gravity device.