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Wolffepack Escape wins Best Backpack Award from Tutora

Posted by David Wolffe on

Although we've won 7 international design awards already, it feels really special to have heard from Tutora that they've honoured Escape with the distinction of being one of their Best School Backpacks of 2017.

It is one of my daily pleasures to see my 3 sons off to school wearing their Wolffepacks, and it is great to think that others see the benefit too.

Tutora know a thing or two about education. They are a rapidly growing company helping students get the best possible tuition in the private tutoring world.

They are going live today with a competition offering some free bags, so it is worth checking it out on their website page for Best School Backpacks 2017 list via this link...


You will see there is quite a variety in there, and we are in at the premium end.

We really appreciate Rachael and the team at Tutora picking us out, making contact, and having a good eye!



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