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The Photography Show 2016

Posted by David Wolffe on

Monday morning this week wasn’t its usual shape today. I found myself en route to Birmingham, my hometown in fact, as well as the land of Cadburys- though there was no time for anything chocolate-related on this occasion alas. I was of course up there to hit The Photography Show at the NEC.

This is a wonderful meeting of not only photography professionals and enthusiasts, but also a place for leading brands to show the audience first-hand the technologies and accessories that they offer.

Between product demos, live demonstrations and talks from big names such as Chris Packham and Lara Jade, I had a chance to do some serious research for the next design- a Wolffepack Camera Bag. It was a great opportunity to see what’s out there on the market currently and speak to the Photography folk about what they want from their kit bags.

I was so busy researching in fact, that I very nearly missed Darth Vader and a crowd of Stormtroopers billow past me. I was admittedly a little confused until I later discovered they were in town for the Comic Con event down the road. Mystery solved!

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