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First finished products delivered!

Posted by David Wolffe on

Backpacks away!

I'm trying to take this all in. In some ways it is slightly surreal. The Wolffepack has finally landed on doorsteps, for real.

When you are so focussed on overcoming a seemingly endless succession of challenges (quality, suppliers, logistics, marketing, distribution etc etc etc) it is easy to just keep your head down and keep pushing forwards, just so you don't lose momentum. But that way you don't look up and see how far you've come.
It has been a long and sometimes arduous journey, but we have made it to a point where a real, finished, high quality, great-looking rucksack product, which does something totally unique, works really smoothly, now actually exists and is being used by hundreds of people. 

Not many get this far. It is pretty amazing to realise that an idea you had 15 years ago is now a real, finished product. In the past few weeks we've been featured on Channel 4 and a Berlin TV station too, so I guess others think it's a proper product too! 

The last week has been particularly hectic and although it was overwhelmingly exciting to see hundreds of Wolffepacks in the warehouse, accompanying this was a sense of stage fright; that feeling you get when you have rehearsed for weeks in order to perform for a now waiting crowd and you know that now you have to go out there onstage and perform: expose yourself totally to the crowd and hope that nobody throws a tomato at you.

I write this at a critical moment: the bacpacks have gone out to our amazingly supportive Kickstarter backers, and all we can do now is wait and hope that people love our product as much as we do.  You can feel the nerves and excitement in the air here at the office; we keep checking our emails every 5 seconds so we can see customer reactions and answer any questions instantly.

In the last few weeks our crew has grown by 2 and it's great to have Louis and Billy on board and in the office. We’re gearing up to provide customer support and start really pushing to sell more Wolffepacks to everyone we can. We all believe in the product so the challenge is getting the message out to as many people as possible.

It is always massively encouraging to receive helpful advice from supporters of the cause. Aside from the many friends and family who help and support us, some customers and backers have already been sending their feedback to us, with advice and tips on how to market ourselves better. It really means so much to get this sort of help and really builds our belief in the global potential of our radical backpack design concept.

We have a challenging few weeks ahead as we start to really crank up our efforts on distribution, retail, marketing and potential customers as we let them know about the Wolffepack Revolution.

It's time to get the head down for a little while longer before we get to the full launch in late September, when the next shipment of stock should arrive.  

The next chapter of the adventure is just beginning!


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