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OutDoor Show at Friedrichshafen

Posted by David Wolffe on

I love road trips, travel, meeting people, good company, and telling people about the Wolffepack. That's why our trip to the OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen has been such a blast.

With the incomparable Louis Wallinger by my side, charming, intelligent, and funny, it is only slightly annoying that he is also much better looking than me. I'll get over it. He's doing a great job of demonstrating the Wolffepack and selling our innovation to an incredibly receptive trade audience.

The journey starts with a road trip across Europe, starting with the cross-channel Ferry, and ending with a stunning ride through the Schwarzwald and its impossibly pretty towns and valleys.

The Wolffepack stand at the show looked great. It is so pleasing to see a picture in your mind come out in reality as you planned it. The loop video produced by our great friend and supporter, and video genius Paul Wilkinson, does really well in selling the essence of our idea in a few seconds. We engaged so many passers-by with our dynamic images and the response was amazing. Our voxpops video is going to be great!

After 4 intense days at the show it is very encouraging that we have so many new leads on distribution partners, licensing deals, and promotional opportunities. It's clear our concept is capturing people's imaginations and the experience of the product is good. 

Now the follow-up hard work starts, but I think we deserve a bit of a moment's refreshment first!

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